WMUC Sports

Maryland Moves to the Big Ten

Goal calls against UNC (September 13, 2013)

Highlights of the 2013 College Cup Semifinals and National Championship

DC Sports Box

Winds and Hoyas Howling at Home

Maryland Breezes Through FCS Schedule, Romps Old Dominion 47-10

Terps Trounce Mountaineers in Style, 37-0

Bundesliga Fanatic

“Game of the Century” Referee Auturo Yamasaki Dies

Leon Goretzka moves to Schalke

Politics and Football: Uniting and Dividing the Fatherland

National Press Club

Press Club Rewind – June 25, 2012

Rewind Recap – Summer 2012

Personal, non-journalism related

Dancing with myself around Europe This is a personal video that I made showcasing the places I went to in early 2012.


The Loose Ties at the Hideaway

Maryland-Virginia October 12, 2013

Photo used in USA Today


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